Since our charity’s formation in 1993, Listening Ear has provided an all-age, dedicated therapeutic pathway for people who are not recovering following their experiences of bereavement. Our original specialism, in the provision of grief counselling and trauma therapy (for those who have experienced bereavement by suicide for example) remains at the heart of our charity’s mission.

With recognised links between bereavement, suicide bereavement, domestic abuse and children becoming looked after, Butterflies is a core part of our focussed therapeutic pathway.

Butterflies offers one-to-one counselling in schools, colleges, community venues, via video conferencing or telephone.

Listening Ear also delivers therapeutic groups within the Butterflies service offer within Knowsley.

Butterflies is currently funded by Local Authorities in Knowsley and St Helens

The following ICB’s fund Listening Ear to provide counselling to individuals affected by suicide bereavement: Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight & Portsmouth; Cheshire & Merseyside; Coventry & Warwickshire; Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire (from April 2024).

  • LE has scheduled 22,171 counselling sessions for people affected by their experiences of Bereavement
  • Completed therapy with 1829 people affected by their experiences of bereavement (of which 567 were children and young people and of these 25% had a TAF, EHAT, CIN, CP Plan)
  • 99.5% of these clients reported positive change as a result of accessing therapy
  • As part of Mindset, Listening Ear has provided training in working therapeutically with children and young people affected by Bereavement to over 500 professionals

Referrals for people affected by all forms of bereavement via our online referral form.

Referral criteria is different in each area (please see below)

  • Age 4 to 17 years (up to age 25 with SEND), attends a St Helens School and has a St Helens Postcode
  • Age 4 to 17 years (up to age 25 with SEND), attends a St Helens School and is registered with a St Helens GP
  • Age 4 to 17 years (up to age 25 with SEND), attends a St Helens School has a Knowsley GP and Knowsley Postcode (this work is funded via Children in Need)
  • Age 4 to 17 years (up to age 25 with SEND), attending a Knowsley school
  • Age 18+ and registered with a Knowsley GP

If you feel that you, or someone you know would benefit from counselling due to their experiences of suicide bereavement, refer them to our Amparo (suicide postvention service) here in the first instance. To accept a referral, the individual must be a resident of:

  • Cheshire & Merseyside
  • Coventry & Warwickshire
  • Lincolnshire
  • South Yorkshire (from April 2024)

For questions about Butterflies  such as ‘When might Listening Ear not accept a referral for counselling?’ or ‘What happens when counselling ends?’ please read our Frequently Asked Questions section or Contact Us .

  • "Helped me in every way"
  • "I feel much better having talked things out & better able to manage feelings that have been causing me distress"
  • "I have wanted to come here, and I have looked forward to coming every week"
  • "Has helped me to speak more about my emotions"
  • "When I'm down and I think about the things she said can help me and it works"
  • "I have been able to control anger more"
  • "I get better scores in my maths"
  • "My son has thoroughly enjoyed this experience, It is the one extra-curricular activity that he is genuinely excited about"
  • "The teacher has spoken to me (Mum) about my child being more confident in class and also more polite in putting his hand up and caring with other children"
  • "I feel I now have the tools to be able to help my Son understand his bereavement and also any other issues he may be having"