Titanium is now accepting referrals for Foster Carers as well as children and young people.

Titanium offers whole family long-term emotional support to Children Looked After and their Foster Carers with the aim of supporting placement stability. Support can last for up to a year and we work closely in partnership with other agencies in order to provide systemic support.

Where capacity allows, we also accept referrals for children and families on the edge of care who are offered a six to eight week pathway. These sessions can be delivered in school or in other community venues.

Referrals must be made through the St Helens Multi-Agency Emotional Wellbeing Panel. Self-referrals are not accepted.

When we accept a referral, you (the parent/carer) will be offered a telephone assessment initially. This assessment is used to understand your / your child’s issues in more depth and clinically, we assess whether Listening Ear is the best agency to offer the support that is needed. If not then we may ask for your consent to refer you to another appropriate agency in the borough.

If you have a question about Titanium which has not been answered above, please read our Frequently Asked Questions section.

  • "Helped me to understand more, why I am living with my carers"
  • "I feel like my anger has gone and feel better"
  • "I wish for "My life and future to be happy. I cannot change the past and it has been really scary. But I can do something about my future."
  • "Really good service I would recommend it to other foster carers"
  • "Service offered was very good, just not suitable for the client at the moment. This was agreed by s/w, counsellor and foster carer."
  • "The counselling sessions were very helpful"
  • "Found that the service has been really good for the client, and to carry on doing what we are doing and also my self as it has helped."
  • "Moods and anger at home better and also school has commented on there being a change"
  • "Allowed me to express my feelings"
  • "Because all of the bad stuff has come out of my body"
  • "Boosted my confidence in telling people about my grandad"
  • "Gave me a place to say things I wouldn't want to speak to others about"
  • "I do not worry any more"

Sixty children and young people completed service in 2018/19 and Listening Ear evidenced positive change, in terms of children and young people’s mental health scores, for 96.8% children and young people completing therapy.

Our End of Service Satisfaction reports evidenced that 97% of children and young people who responded to the questions asked reported that ‘The service helped them’ and 100% reported that ‘They were more able to look forward to the future’.

100% of the Children and Young People completing Therapy with Listening Ear who responded to our end of service questionnaire reported that they were more able to concentrate in school and 93% of parents and carers completing end of service satisfaction reports stated that their child’s health and wellbeing had improved at home and school.

100% of children and young people completing therapy rated the service as Fantastic, Great or Good.

96.7% of parents and carers said that the service met their expectations, 85% said that their child’s needs had been met or partly met and 93% said that the service was ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’.

In the friends and family test, 100% of children and young people responding said they would recommend the service to a friend in need.