Not all counselling is the same. There are a number of approaches. Listening Ear’s counsellors sometimes specialise in one, or they may use an integrated approach. This brings different approaches together into one supportive pathway.

When you are referred for counselling and we undertake an assessment, we use the information that you provide us with to allocate a counsellor to you who will deliver an approach that’s best suited to your needs.

Here are some of the approaches that our counsellors may use in sessions:

Person Centred Counselling+
Solution Focused Therapy+
When might Listening Ear not accept a referral for counselling?+
What happens when counselling ends?+
What is BACP Service Accreditation?+
Would Listening Ear ever break confidentiality?+
How long do my sessions last?+
How long do I have to wait for an appointment?+
How long do sessions last and how many sessions will my child receive?+
What Are Your Referral Criteria?+
Which referral form do I need to complete?+
My child has expressed a wish to die. What should I do?+
When is it appropriate to access support for a child following bereavement?+
Suicide Postvention+