Children and Young People


In 2012, Listening Ear developed DiAmond, an all-age dedicated therapeutic pathway for victim survivors of domestic abuse. With recognised links between domestic abuse, suicide bereavement and children becoming looked after, our DiAmond service is a core part of our specialist therapeutic service delivery.

DiAmond offers one-to-one counselling in schools, colleges, community venues, via video conferencing or telephone.

In 2024, Listening Ear introduced two online groups to the DiAmond service offer, one for primary aged children and one for secondary aged young people. Counsellor facilitated groups are delivered online in partnership with schools.

DiAmond is currently funded by Local Authorities in Knowsley, Warwickshire and Warrington.


Outcomes (Since 2019)


  • LE has delivered 8394 Counselling sessions for people affected by their experiences of Domestic Abuse
  • Completed therapy with 995 people affected by their experiences of Domestic Abuse (of which 626 were children and young people and of these 31% had a TAF, EHAT, CIN, CP Plan)
  • 96% of these clients reported positive change as a result of accessing therapy
  • As part of Mindset, Listening Ear has provided training in working therapeutically with children and young people affected by Domestic Abuse to over 500 professionals




Knowsley: children and young people must attend a Knowsley school and adults must be a Knowsley resident to qualify for the service. Anyone can make a referral to the Knowsley service via our online referral form.

Warwickshire: referrals for children and young people must be submitted via Refuge or Social Care, referrals for adults via Refuge.

Warrington: referrals for children and young people aged 5 to 19 years must be submitted via Social Care, Early Help or IDVA.


When might Listening Ear not accept a referral for counselling?

What happens when counselling ends?


  • "Because it was all good, I would give it 1000 out of 1000 if I could."
  • "It has helped me with my anger and now I think about things first, before shouting or getting angry."
  • "They never judge with anything"
  • "They can be trusted"
  • "I feel good, mum is proud of me"
  • "Now whenever I miss mum I go and talk to someone"
  • "She is a lot better than she was, she is now able to sleep alone"
  • "He has really enjoyed the sessions and often talks about what he has done"
  • "I feel the children would've been much worse and more negatively affected if they hadn't been receiving counselling at this time"
  • "Never had any issues at school but at home there has been a huge difference. My child seems more content"
  • "Thank you so much for the difference you have made for all of us"
  • "Yesterday my child spoke more comfortably about sharing concerns in the family. They used to keep things to themselves."
  • "The boys found it extremely helpful and enjoyed the time we spent together. It was different to what I expected and perceived counselling to be, it outstretched my expectations, it was fantastic and really helpful for us all. It was a fantastic experience and thank you for helping my children."
  • "The service is amazing I don't know where my 2 boys (and me) would be with out it"
  • This is a fantastic programme that has helped me massively. I have learnt so much about myself. Being able to talk through things I wouldn’t normally has been a massive help. The group sessions are ideal as you feel you are not alone and can help each other.