July 2021

Following government advice regarding Covid-19, Listening Ear is employing a mixed method of service delivery including distance support, outdoor support as well as some face-to-face services (following Covid-safe working practices) in order to balance minimum face-to-face contact with delivering an effective service, sensitive to the diverse needs of our clients as key-workers.

In all cases and until further notice, referrals to Listening Ear should be submitted using our on-line referral form (https://listening-ear.co.uk/refer/). If there is a reason that this cannot be achieved, please contact us by email at referrals@listening-ear.co.uk and we will try to find a solution.

As some staff are working from home, it is best to contact us by email. Please use enquiries@listening-ear.co.uk or referrals@listening-ear.co.uk.

With thanks for your cooperation and understanding during this continued period of change.