Did you know that following your child completing their 1:1 therapy with Listening Ear, their support doesn’t have to stop? By simply registering to receive information on Listening Ear’s Emotional Youth Club, your child can continue to receive ongoing support from a qualified counsellor.

Emotional Youth Club is a free service available to any child or young person who has completed their counselling or therapy with Listening Ear and wants to continue their therapeutic journey and meet other children and young people who may have been through experiences similar to their own.

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Some information to help you decide if EYC (Emotional Youth Club) is something you would like to register your child for.

EYC is:

  • Facilitated by Listening Ear’s qualified, children and young people’s Counsellors and Therapists who will use their experience to support your child/young person.
  • Provides children and young people with the opportunity to gain support from counsellors and people of a similar age to themselves.
  • Age appropriate groups promote mental health and wellbeing and provide coping strategies for your child/young person.
  • Monthly fun activities such as: cycling, climbing, kayaking, singing, drumming, gardening, bushcraft etc. are all free and information about activities is provided in advance of sessions taking place. Most of these types of activities take place on a Saturday. They can often be led by trained professionals with our Counsellors/Therapists in attendance, supporting and encouraging your child/young person to try new things.
  • Creative, educational workshops focus on particular topics and assist your child/young person to continue to talk about their mental health.
  • Monthly art club is held online via video conferencing once per month. This places support around children and young people who find it difficult to travel to events. Listening Ear uses Zoom and our Staff can talk to you about how to set this up and access it if you haven’t used it before. Monthly online Art Club is usually on a week night after school with a primary and secondary age meeting at separate times. Free art packs and materials are often sent out in advance so that all children and young people have the resources they need before a session takes place.

Child or Young Person extra support

There may be a time when your Child or Young Person needs a little bit of extra support? If they are attending EYC and the Counsellors or Therapists feel that a few individual, 1:1 sessions are needed, they’ll speak to your child/young person and to you as their Parent/Carer about this. If  a need is identified, they won’t go back on to our waiting list but will be offered a pre-arranged appointment for some 1:1 support. Our Counsellors/Therapists can talk to you about how this would work and the venues we use for this.

Parent/Carer support

EYC can also support you as the Parents/Carers via monthly, Counsellor/Therapist facilitated ‘walk and talk’ or ‘coffee club’ sessions. Parents/Carers who have attended these sessions have found them a really good way to talk about their concerns which assist them in finding new ways to help their own child/young person. Walk and Talk can be individual sessions or can be organised so that small groups of Parents/Carers meet up with one of our trained Counsellors/Therapists.


Register your child for Emotional Youth Club here


You can do this as soon as your child/ young person has completed their final session and you’ve completed their end of service evaluation.

It really is a simple process. We don’t need another assessment completing. You will be sent a flyer inviting you to join by email or an SMS invitation, simply follow the link to sign up on our website and you will be added to our event notifications list.

No, activities run every month and are bookable on a first come, first served basis. If we have lots of interest for a particular event, we may add a second session.

This is a really common concern and a natural worry to have. However, our EYC Staff are really experienced in managing those initial worries and encouraging them to join in. Our EYC Staff can give you a call to talk to you about your worries and help alleviate any concerns you may have. Please email enquiries@listening-ear.co.uk to request a call.

EYC is run so that primary age children will all be together in one group and Secondary age young people will be in another group. Primary age groups meet up early evening or additionally on some Saturdays. Secondary age groups meet up at a later time to provide time to do homework etc. and additionally on some Saturdays.

Finally, don’t just take our word for it about how good EYC is. Here’s some comments from the Parent, Carers or children/young people have said about attending EYC.

  • "X going to see you guys is escapism for him. They mix with children who don't judge them. Staff are absolutely amazing, they go above and beyond their duties to ensure the wellbeing of your child. X feels like they’re  able to open up confidentially to staff members and just be themselves without being judged."
  • "They enjoy the activities and 1 to 1 sessions. The activities are varied too so it gives them chance to experience new things. I can’t recommend you guys enough. You provided the help we needed in a time of great difficulty. Thank you”
  • “X loves all the activities you have put on. At times when they’ve been worried/nervous about doing certain things, actually having the opportunity has been brilliant. Kayaking, archery, the wall etc."
  • "They had never experienced before so she stepped out of their comfort zone actually doing them and didn't stop talking about them for weeks. As you know the drop-ins were really helpful leading up to high school, just that extra bit of support was great. Thank you all”
  • “Thanks so much!  X really enjoyed the activities. You all go above and beyond! X loves all the activities. Loved the art one and loves to do things like climbing etc! But I think they’re just appreciative of anything you do”
  • “Thanks for the picture and for everything you all do for those kids”.
  • “X No longer requires further support-but would like to thank you for all of your help which really did make a difference, Many Thanks”
  • “Thanks so much!  X really enjoyed the activities.  You all go above and beyond!  X loves all the activities.  Loved the art one and loves to do things like climbing etc!  But I think they’re just appreciative of anything you do”.
  • “X really enjoys outdoor activities.  It has really helped them in the holidays being able to mix with other children as they are currently having problems in school”.
  • “They had such a giggle with you guys yesterday! I'm so proud of who they are becoming. Thank you all SO much”.
  • “X is a very anxious child and this group has been amazing for their self-esteem and confidence. The sessions they put on for the children are amazing and all the workers have a special gift being able to do what they do. X still won’t stay without me being nearby, but I am hoping with some more time, this will change”.