Hampshire Bridging Course – Applications Now Open


What is a Bridging Course?

This successful course was developed by Listening Ear in order to support the development of the CYP Counselling Workforce within Cheshire & Merseyside. This was to mitigate against the majority of counsellors training and gaining experience in adult counselling only as part of their formal qualification.

The LE model has been recognised within Cheshire & Merseyside Children and Young People’s Mental Health Workforce Mapping Strategy being led by North West Coast Clinical Network & Senate, NHS England and NHS Improvement – North West Region, supported by consultants Innovas.

Listening Ear has offered this Bridging Course as part of its development plan with 80% of Listening Ear’s current counselling, salaried, workforce, (based across the country, ) previously attended Listening Ear’s Bridging Course or started with Listening Ear as a volunteer counsellor.

Our Bridging course provides trained adult counsellors (or student counsellors who are about to start their 100 hrs placement,) the opportunity to attend a 5 day intensive training course to gain additional skills to work with cyp who have experienced bereavement, suicide, loss or domestic abuse.


What is Listening Ear and Amparo?

Listening Ear is a registered charity and growing social enterprise with its headquarters in Knowsley, Merseyside.

Listening Ear began in 1993 as a ‘reflective listening’ service run by community volunteers. The service grew and Listening Ear’s adult counselling became the first service in Merseyside to achieve Accredited status with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), becoming a registered charity in 2006.We have retained our BACP Accreditation ever since, and remain one of only four organisations in the whole of Merseyside with the Accreditation.

We now provide support for children and young people experiencing domestic abuse or facing separation and traumatic loss, counselling for adults with mild to moderate mental health problems, friendship after bereavement groups, counselling for work based mental health issues, support for looked after children and their carers, and AMPARO, a unique suicide prevention and postvention service which is the largest in the country.

Our services are focused on impact and we are proud of the difference we make to people’s lives. Our service is expanding rapidly and we operate in locations across the country.

Looking for volunteering or student placement opportunities? Click here.

Please send your completed CV to HR@listening-ear.co.uk by the closing date of Monday 18th September at 09:00am.

When will the interviews take place?+
Will I need to complete any face to face placement hours with children and young people on completion of the 5 days classroom based training?+
Do I need to work in Hampshire to apply for this course?+
Is there a course fee and if so, how much would I be expected to pay to do this course?+
Will you pay for my external clinical supervision?+
What support will I have, once I complete the training course?+
What happens once I have submitted my CV?+
Do I have to attend all 5 days of the training course in person?+
Where is the training taking place?+
What are the dates for the training and times?+

What have other people who have completed the Bridging Course said about it?

  • 89% of respondents rated the training 5 Excellent and 11% chose a score of 4.
  • 87% of respondents scored the training ‘5 Tremendous Difference or 4’ in relation to the extent they expected the training to make a difference to the way they did their job.
  • 100% said that they would recommend this training to a colleague or other professional.
  • ‘I think the training was of an exceptional high standard and as an in house trainer I have also taken ideas away about my delivery of that’.
  • ‘No improvements required! It was delivered at the right level and both Tracy and the kind gent supporting her did a brilliant job. When Tracy put the information across in examples, it really brought home what these children and YP are going through and their thought processes and how to support them’.
  • ‘The only thing I would ask for is more of this!!!’
  • ‘I think this training was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the way it was presented. A great mix of facts and knowledge as well as real life scenarios so we could relate the facts to reality’.
  • ‘Amazing trainers, knowledgeable and held space for all. Great location, great lunch but amazingly impressed with the standard of the resource folder, absolutely epic!’